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After more than ten years as pastor of this congregation I am more excited than ever. This is a place in which your spiritual journey will be respected, encouraged and enlivened. Here you will not be told what to believe. Rather, you will be given a safe place in which you may add your story to ours. Through conversation and prayer, we will grow together spiritually.

I believe spiritual growth happens at the intersection of loving God and loving neighbor. Worship, spiritual life groups and devotion point us toward loving God. Mission work reaches out toward our neighbors. At Blue Valley Christian Church (BVCC) you will find a balance of both.

Our Mission Connection Center is a way to structure mission as well as to act on our belief that people want to help others. Many times people in the community do not have an avenue through which they can help those in need. The Mission Connection Center provides opportunity for both our members and people beyond our walls to engage in the fulfilling challenge of helping others.

My spiritual journey has provided settings of small, medium and large church as well as in a denominational capacity as regional pastor, The Christian Church of Greater Kansas City (Disciples of Christ). I find in Blue Valley Christian Church a size of community that allows participants to know one another, share their faith journeys, and reach out to the world in peace and justice.

If you are seeking new ways to love God and neighbor, I encourage you to take a deeper look at BVCC as a faith community of support and encouragement. I am glad at any time to visit with you about BVCC or your faith journey in the hope of discovery of life filled with purpose, meaning and joy.

Thank you for visiting our website. May you be strengthened in your search by your encounter with us.

Grace and peace,

Rick Butler

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