Who We Are

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Blue Valley Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a community of faith that has been, and continues to be transformed by the grace of God, the love in Jesus Christ and the mystery of the Holy Spirit.

It is a community of Christians whose primary purpose is to worship God and to serve others.

It is a community that defines itself as a mission connection center where people gather for encouragement, spiritual growth, knowledge and opportunities to apply their gifts, experiences and interests toward living out the ongoing ministry established by the Christ.

It is a community that places importance on supporting each individual’s unique Christian journey by providing temporary sanctuary and tools for continuing their journey.

It is a community of high expectation and deep commitment. It is a community that seeks to create an outflowing ripple of hope and healing, peace and justice.

It is an inclusive community that aspires to transcend all barriers within the human family, including age, gender, race and ethnicity, sexuality, physical and mental ability, cultural and socioeconomic status, and faith tradition or history.

Looking for Mission?

We hold a wide range of volunteer and mission activities on an ongoing basis to serve the Greater Kansas City Area and beyond. Please join us in living out Christ in the real world through our monthly mission projects. Read More.....

Interested in Small Groups?

Small groups help us feel more comfortable in sharing our thoughts and feelings.  They are also important in building connections with each other that encourage us in our faith journeys.  We have several small groups available for your participation. Learn more.....

Want to Make Connections?

The connections we make in our life tell a story about who we are.  Do you feel connected to God?  Would you like to make connections to other encouraging Christians? Are you connected with your own spirituality?  Get Connected.....