Prayer for Young Adults

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) recently celebrated Young Adult Week from February 6th - 13th.  As part of that celebration the Young Adult Commission provided a week of devotionals on their blog at  There was also a commission member who provided a prayer to end the week.  The prayer touched me personally because it shares my feelings of hope, love, and acceptance that I have for the young adult ministry of this church.  I read this prayer at the end of our last Connect worship service and I now want to share it again here.

Holy Creator God,

We come before you with hearts, arms, and ears wide open to you. Out of chaos and darkness you spoke words which brought our very being into life. Although there are so many times that our lives feel chaotic we remember to listen to the still small voice calling us home to you.

In this world where so many are lost remind us that your Word is our foundation.
In this world where power is widely abused remind us of your strength to work for justice.
In this world where the powerful voices of violence are so loud remind us of your quiet strong voice of peace.

Holy One  - give strength to our young adults today as they pursue and explore your will for them (us) in this world. In the confusing times when we strike out on our own remind us that you’re always there, loving us and holding us close. Give us the strength to tell our stories of hope, love, and strength in a world that so desperately needs to hear our voice.

Let us be the models of your Spirit in this life.

In your Holy Name.



Prayer submitted by: Katie Sexton, M.A.
Phoenix, AZ
Young Adult Commission Moderator 2011

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