What is God Saying?

Men’s Bible Study opened its new season of pre-dawn conversations with new contributors, men from Hillcrest Christian Church. Two Sundays in, after reading background on the book of Revelation, we dived into reading scripture. The difficult letters to the angels of the seven churches found in chapters two and three prompted Neil Engle, HCC pastor, to suggest a homework assignment. “I think we should each write a letter to the Church at Blue Valley or the Church at Hillcrest,” he said. It was difficult work, because the form of the letters is to offer an honest critique of what is going on in the church at the time. The letters contain strong criticism, but also encouragement, praise and hope. Taking an introspective look at one’s church and recognizing its strengths and weaknesses, then challenging it to live into God’s expectation for it was a challenging exercise because it inevitably causes one to examine one’s own faith life. The letters were beautiful as well as insightful. What would you think God is saying to the Church at Blue Valley? What is God saying to the churches of the world? Let’s talk.

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