Comfort in the Aftermath

I remember the details of that morning vividly. I was backing out of my garage to go to work at our family owned hardware store. Because the air was cool and the sky was sunny my car window was down, allowing me to admire the colors and the gracefulness of my garden pansies swaying effortlessly in the breeze and to enjoy the cheerful song of the finches.

Pulling away from home, I turned on my radio to catch the traffic report and suddenly my world went colorless, sounds of screaming overtook all others. A broadcaster with a quivering voice was describing a shocking scene, planes crashing into buildings. A plane crashed into the Pentagon where my daughter worked!

Arriving at our business the telephone was already ringing. Family and friends from around the country were calling and asking if we had heard from Christy. We were unsure of the location of her office. Mark remembered her being on the inside ring of the Pentagon, hopefully far enough away to insure her safety from this act of terrorism.

My faith was shaken for several hours September 11, 2001. I was glued to the television screen for awhile with the rest of the world. I watched the horrifying final moments of people jumping to their death in the foreground and the vision of the Trade Center towers collapsing in the background, and of the Pentagon - a symbol of power and security - scarred with its debris smoldering in the ashes ... these images and my feelings of helplessness are engraved in my memory forever.

Overwhelmed, I needed time alone and eventually disappeared into the privacy of a restroom stall in the back of the store to cry and plead with God for Christy‟s safety. Mark found me there and we held on to each other for a long time. He encouraged me to keep strong in my faith and to remain hopeful. Mark‟s faith kept him calm, while my faith teetered during those torturous hours of not knowing. I had asked for prayers from Rick and BVCC, my faith community. Family, friends, and strangers were offering prayers for us also. My belief of a positive outcome was shaken by the knowledge that there were thousands of parents, friends, and spouses all pleading and praying as I was. I knew all prayers for safe keeping and survival were not going to be answered.

We were a fortunate family. We were spared loss this time. The only pain Christy suffered was that of anxiety, sunburned shoulders, and blistered feet from a five-hour walk home.

My soul rocked with the towers but God gave me comfort in the aftermath. Where was God through all the turmoil? The answer came to me in listening to many stories and reflecting on my own. Our Creator was in the love given by people who helped the grieving and the frightened. The Spirit was in the hearts of our heroes, the firefighters and the policemen. The Wisdom was given to the leaders when they needed that gift the most. People rebuilt their lives because of the Strength that is there for the ones who seek it. God was the good in this manmade tragedy.

Nine years later, my pansies again brighten my garden with color and I enjoy the happy sound of the morning birds, more than ever. The difference this September 11 is in me. My time of spiritual weakness opened my eyes to the importance of faith and I now accept that it is okay to hope. I try harder today to seek the goodness of God in my struggles so I will never feel that I must walk alone in despair again.

Laus Deo - Praise be to God

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