Thanksgiving Mission

I want to thank the Prayer Chain partners for participating in the Tuesday chain. I hope all of you grew in your connections with God and each other. Also, the Venetian Friends program of the Christo Rey High School should be getting under way for this year.

This month we centered on bringing food to help the Barry Christian Church’s food pantry to help them shore up their reserves for the holidays. The last Sunday will be Nov 7th. We will continue to gather food for our wagon each month to help others as we go. Thank you for all who participated in this endeavor.

If there is anyone in our church family that has a mission idea that is dear to their heart, please contact me (Nancy Boyer) by phone or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . All missions, large or small, will be considered and I would like to help anyone’s mission if at all possible.

Our Thanksgiving mission will include connecting with each other as a family of faith and also connecting with our members who can no longer come regularly to our service. I will have specific details and a handout on November 7th at church. (If you cannot attend on the 7th and are interested in helping, please contact me at home.)

1. Anyone who is interested will sign up to bring one or two ingredients to the November 14th church service. Then, after the service, we will be creating a meal to deliver to those non-attending members; we will freeze them for delivery the next week. I will also need volunteers to deliver the meals and the connection decoration the weekend of November 21st or the beginning of that week to the member who cannot attend regularly at the church.

2. For those individuals in our congregation who would love to help, we will be mak- ing a connection decoration for each family in the congregation. These will include a tea light that each family can light at home when they celebrate their Thanksgiving to remember God’s table and the family of Blue Valley Christian Church. I will provide details on the 7th for this fun project.

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