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Food Helping Northland Families

Written by Rick Butler November 23, 2010

The items from BVCC’s food collection for October were delivered to the Barry Christian Church in the Northland.

A sister congregation in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Barry CC has a long history of mission work in their area. Bob George, Senior Minister, said at the time of delivery: "Thank you so very much. We are seeing an increase in requests and need for assistance by broader socio- economic groups than ever before. So these donations are gifts to us and to those we serve."


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Pearson's Guatemala Trip

Written by Nancy Boyer November 02, 2010

Our mission connection center received information from Jerot Pearson about a service project opportunity in Guatemala. Due to the massive rains and mud slides that have devastated that country, there is a group preparing to go to help a family prepare a site for a new home in January of 2011. Damage to the homes has been significant and even took lives. The family who has chosen a new site for the building of a new home on higher ground where it will be safe from the land and mud slides is the Evangelina and Jose Guarcas family.

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Thanksgiving Mission

Written by Nancy Boyer November 02, 2010

I want to thank the Prayer Chain partners for participating in the Tuesday chain. I hope all of you grew in your connections with God and each other. Also, the Venetian Friends program of the Christo Rey High School should be getting under way for this year.

This month we centered on bringing food to help the Barry Christian Church’s food pantry to help them shore up their reserves for the holidays. The last Sunday will be Nov 7th. We will continue to gather food for our wagon each month to help others as we go. Thank you for all who participated in this endeavor.

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