Bring Your Spiritual Journey!

When we speak of spiritual journey we are referring to the desire, sometimes compulsion, to know what makes life meaningful, those things that give life purpose.  Spiritual journey is about our relationship with God, with Divine Mystery, with the Power beyond our power, Life beyond our life.

Each of us asks, wonders, ponders in small ways and large, in simple ways and complex, in conscious ways and subconscious, in intentional ways and casual what life is about, what it means to be fully human.

You are on a spiritual journey.  Where and how do you attend to it?

Blue Valley Christian Church is a faith community providing a safe place to explore and experience your journey.

Here we will recognize and encourage your journey.  We will uplift you along the way.  We will not do the work for you.  We will walk alongside you.  But each of us is responsible for our own way.

We will not say to you that you are wrong.  We will respect you and the journey you are on.  In return we will expect mutuality.  We will invite conversation, questions, pondering, and silence.  Vulnerability and risk will be part of the experience.

From the Christian perspective the spiritual journey is different, sometimes very different, from the path we have been culturally conditioned to see as the way. From the Christian perspective we explore best when we are part of a community that we trust.  It is encouraging to have a community where we can offer statements that are more question than assertion, more attune to seeking than to forming a creed. The setting and context is community, walking alongside others.

BVCC is just such a community.

If you want to be more intentional about your spiritual journey, or if the described atmosphere sounds inviting and encouraging, we hope you will bring your spiritual journey alongside ours.

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