Mission Connection Center


Saying we are Christian is not enough. Being Christian, if we are to take it seriously, means doing. When Christ extends His invitation to come and follow, the journey does not lead to a sanctuary. It leads to places where there is poverty, hunger, sickness, violence and injustice. We go to these place to feed the poor, heal the sick, comfort the lonely or the maligned and right wrongs committed on the vulnerable by the powerful.

Blue Valley Christian Church claims its identity as a Mission Connection Center. We do so to remind us that the work of continuing the ministry established by Jesus Christ is out in the neighborhood, out in the world. The values of Mission Connection Center are: hospitality, justice, peacemaking, grace, mercy, compassion, diversity and inclusivity.


We welcome all who seek to do good for their fellow human, regardless of faith tradition or history, to join in the work of Mission Connection Center. Our invitation comes not as a means to attract members or to convert, but to create opportunities for as many as who wish to aid their fellow humans. If your desire is to use your gifts or experience to serve others, please contact us. Please join us in spreading the word and living out Christ in the real world.




Latest Mission Projects

Looking for Mission?

We hold a wide range of volunteer and mission activities on an ongoing basis to serve the Greater Kansas City Area and beyond. Please join us in living out Christ in the real world through our monthly mission projects. Read More.....

Interested in Small Groups?

Small groups help us feel more comfortable in sharing our thoughts and feelings.  They are also important in building connections with each other that encourage us in our faith journeys.  We have several small groups available for your participation. Learn more.....

Want to Make Connections?

The connections we make in our life tell a story about who we are.  Do you feel connected to God?  Would you like to make connections to other encouraging Christians? Are you connected with your own spirituality?  Get Connected.....