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1 I Do Choose 02/12/12 Kelly Ingersoll
2 I Know, Right 01/22/12 Kelly Ingersoll
3 Come and See. Follow 01/15/12 Kelly Ingersoll
4 Unsettling 12/18/11 Rick Butler
5 E.T., John the Baptizer, and Us 12/11/11 Rick Butler
6 Preparing = Submitting 12/04/11 Rick Butler
7 The 99 and The 1 11/20/11 Rick Butler
8 Untitled 11/13/11 Rick Butler
9 Untitled 10/30/11 Rick Butler
10 Planting A Tree 10/23/11 Rick Butler
11 Grace Upon Grace--From the Backside 10/16/11 Rick Butler
12 Alert, Yes; Anxious, No 10/09/11 Rick Butler
13 The Proof Is in the...Fruit 10/02/11 Rick Butler
14 Healed: Learning to See Anew 09/25/11 Rick Butler
15 What in the "Lo" Are We Doing? 09/18/11 Rick Butler
16 Untitled 09/04/11 Rick Butler
17 Untitled 08/21/11 Rick Butler
18 Untitled 08/14/11 Rick Butler
19 Pray Then In This Way 07/31/11 Rick Butler
20 unknown 07/24/11 Rick Butler

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